How All Food Trucks Can Make More Money in October

Even if you aren’t a German Truck, you can make more MONEY this month with these 5 Simple Ideas.

Since October is synonymous with #Oktoberfest among foodies globally, it is a great way for you to capitalize on the frenzy and get more customers to your truck.

#1. Add German Beer to your Menu

#2. Add A German Twist To Your Menu

So what is to stop you from taking your own classics and fusing them with German classics?

Have you ever had a Brat Burger, Brat Taco or Brat fries, neither have we, and we are willing to bet that others haven’t either. Why not create something unique and take it to the streets. It could make you famous and drive a ton of new traffic to your truck. We talk a lot about being unique in order to grab market share and we think this could be a killer way to do so.

#3. Use Clever Marketing To Drive Traffic

Have you ever heard of someone giving away 25% just because someone was German, or 15% just for a customer who can speak one German word? You may think, heck people could just lie and get 25% off….but that doesn’t really matter. In fact with odd marketing tactics like this, customers are likely to tell their friends about it.

The truth is people want to feel like they are getting a great deal and you, as the food truck owner, just want more people to eat at your your truck right. So maybe silly marketing tactics like those mentioned above may drive more people to your truck and get them to tell their friends about it.

#4. Cater a local event, or schedule your truck near “Oktoberfestivities”.

You may be thinking you’ll have to serve local german fare, but most event organizers realize, brats, schnitzel and saurkrat aren’t going to please everyone and may want a taco truck to help them diversify.

You can also take tips from point #2 and turn your burger truck into one that serves Oktoberfest friendly fare. (Seriously if one of you makes a Brat Burger mash up we want to hear about it and would happily feature you!)

#5. Host an Eating Contest

You may be thinking, “why would I want to give food away for free”, but the good news is, most people won’t come on their own, they bring a few friends or their families. So you may have to buy one guy’s dinner to get a whole gang of eaters. You can further capitalize on this by taking a great photo and posting to your site tagging the winners, most people will want to brag and post on their social media feeds as well (hello free advertising!)

So whether you serve traditional German food, Tacos, Waffles or Ice Cream, we can’t think of a better way to make more money this October than by taking your own spin on one of the ideas above.

Remember, all successful businesses stay agile, innovate regularly and do all they can to bring new customers to their business. We can’t wait to hear about your success! We hope you enjoyed our article and If you didn’t see it on instagram post, be sure to head over there and follow us so you can get more tips like this one.

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